June 28, 2018

How to Log Your Miles

Don’t Worry It’s Easy!

If you already use some form of fitness device such as Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, phone apps (e.g. Strava or MapMyWalk) or any other similar recording device it is easy to record the miles you clock up, just email us a photo or screenshot of your total miles for the month job done!

Example Device Screenshots

However, if you do not have access to some form of smartphone or GPS device it’s no problem. Simply make a note of the date and distance of each run, walk, or jog you complete. Then either enter it on to a spreadsheet to be emailed or type them straight into the email and send it over to address Lindsay@MilesForMind.org.uk or upon request we can provide a postal address should you wish to hand write the details of your miles.

If you have any problems do not hesitate to drop us an email to the address above.