February 7, 2018

Our Challenges

We dedicate the Miles for Mind challenges to Heidi Lawton Hague who we miss dearly, please visit the About Us section to read her story and why she inspires us to do all we can to support Nottinghamshire Mind and its service users.

How It Works

Select one of our virtual challenges which range from 30 miles to the BIG 300 mile challenge. Complete your target distance within one month and take a step towards improving your wellbeing.

You can choose to run, jog, walk, cycle or even swim to clock up your miles or why not even do a combination of them all. Whatever you choose the aim is to get you more active whilst helping to raise much needed funds for Nottinghamshire Mind, and in turn your participation will also raise awareness to continue the fight against the stigmas which sadly still surround mental health even today.

In addition to promoting you and your fellow team members to get more active we also want to encourage and strengthen your social connections by encouraging meet up’s throughout the challenge month, so keep an eye on our News and Info page for more details. The reason for this is that research has found strong evidence which suggest social relations are critical for promoting wellbeing and can help fight the triggers of mental health.

Here are some ideas for clocking up those miles and working your way to wellbeing and a challenge medal!

·         Walk or cycle to and/or from work

·         Take part in your local Parkrun

·         Use your lunch for a power walk with colleagues

·         Complete a hike with your friends or local Ramblers group

·         Join your kids for a family swim

Remember you don’t need to complete a set number of miles every day, just the total distance within the month.

If you’re ready to take on the Miles For Mind challenge, then sign up today and join the team.

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